The City Sage: Book Review: Perfect English by Ros Byam Shaw

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April 03, 2009


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This is just too good for words, so I'll just say that my life will be complete when I have a giant framed butterfly collection as well.

Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful, stress-free move, Anne.

(thanks for sharing this one, I really loved it)

Kristin @ Contented Me

I was just flipping through this book at the store... and now you've convinced me that I have to have it!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xo, Kristin


these rooms are so inspirational. i love all of the brightly colored bowls and cups.


I love this book! You chose some of my favorite photos from it.

Ha! If only you really knew me:)! You may have something different to say:)

Have a good weekend!


Oh my oh my.... I'm an Anglophile at this is going on my wish list.. thanks for the intro.. and thank you so much for the velcro idea with the drapes.. how fabulous! You are such a smart one!
Have a delightful weekend!
xx Trina

Pretty Little World

Each one of these rooms is so different, and yet I love them all.

The weathered dark leather, tufted sofa is perfection, and I completely agree about the framed butterflies!

Jess LC

Such great photos and lovely descriptions as usual!

The teacups make me smile too.

Have a great weekend!

from the right bank

I love this book - definitely one of my recent favorites!


I'm so curious about Perfect English now. I have a free weekend! I'm off to go explore the novelties you suggest :)

Anonymously Chic

wow, you outdid yourself on this one! all of these interiors are so special (and who cares about british stereotypes, if they're true:)?


Lovely, does make me want the book. Although I wonder if the Brits would describe those rugs as 'shaggy'.... the root word has quite a different meaning over there.

Have an event-free move!


You've pierced my anglophile soul. I could languish upon that shaggy rug for hours!

Mary Jo

Totally delish photos and the book is on my must read list now. Thank you dear Anne!

xo Mary Jo

p.s. Hope your move is winding down now!


Hello there! I just wanted to say that you do such a lovely job featuring photographs in such intimate and story-like ways! I enjoy your blog very much!

The Deco Detective

The red drum is extremely English, I feel. And I presume the E on the mantlepiece is for "English"?
Great interiors!

Shell Sherree

I love that chair and rug ~ very shagilific!

robin pulsifer

hmmm, i think i'm off to purchase a new book. i could hang out in any of the rooms and spaces you featured in this post. i love the rough spaces, the cement floors, the worn leather couch. comfortable.

Maryam in Marrakech

Love that darling children's E room!

Jeni Shirley

What a great tea collection!

Rebecca @ Harmony and Home

Thank God you got "tea" in there! I'm off to the bookstore to find that book now! Beautiful creative post as usual Anne!


what a great book + photos! sigh ... each photo is so perfect.

hope you're having a good weekend!


Best. Book. Review. Ever. I am off to get the book and brew some tea:-)


Oh man, what a great find. There is that bird motif wallpaper again! (I must confess I know it is called chinosoiresese...whatever, but I can't spell it, so there, bird motif will have to do.)


That book looks wonderful. I wonder if it is published here in England.

I have a tea cup collection a little like that one, perfect for serving afternoon tea and scones.


And as for the toys, well I definitely had a dog on wheels like the one in the children’s room and several old spinning tops … I wonder where they are now? probably stuffed in the attic with all the other old “remnants from time past” which sadly get labelled as “junk” until a book like this makes us think otherwise.
Wonder if we can get hold of it here in old GB – could you tell us who it is published by?
Thanks again for sharing the wonderful photos.

Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts

The first image is absolutely dreamy, darling!


I can't seem to explain my fascination and the brilliant, blinding, sweeping comfort of the English country chic! Thank you for passing on the info about this book!

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