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March 26, 2009


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Pretty Little World

I want the pink one and the one covered in the pretty floral fabrics -- they would sit in the same living room and be sister chairs!

By the way, you had me pouring through pages of Suzanis on eBay all morning!

Nathan Verrill


P.S. Really cool chairs though.

Anonymously Chic

you are too funny. what an interesting commentary upon the diversity of egg chairs.


Hehehe -- yes, the egg chairs are amazing in their natural and not-so-natural habitats. However, what is even more amazing is the prose you composed for this post. Bravo! :)


the brown...i drooled a little


Fabulous post. I love the worn, weathered look on the one in the first picture.


v cute! love this series

robin pulsifer

wow, those silver metallic chairs are a focal point. i would like only one in my personal space though. love love love! :)

please sir

Oh egg chairs - these are great examples!


What an interesting look at egg chairs in all their various habitats. I want the grandma egg chair!

Jane Flanagan

I adore the Egg, most especially in the tan leather in your top image. The more worn and distressed the leather the better. I dream of buying a vintage one!

miss aimee

I want to fushia one in my bedroom! Oh to have an egg chair!


i want a white one, a pink one and that blue one is so lovely too!


I love the grandma egg chair. I just want to grab a book and curl up into it!

Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts

Such a fantastic post, Anne! Loved your writing. And loved those egg chairs!


Oh, what a wonderful ode to such a fantastic chair. You are just so clever! Love it best when blushing and juvenile variety.

Mary Jo

I've been wanting an egg chair for some time. Gray, of course. Love this post!



This is such a cool chair and I love your comments :)

from the right bank

I'm completely obsessed with chairs so I love that you're doing a whole series. What a great idea. The egg chair is absolutely one of my favorites and this is a fabulous collection!

the sassy kathy

ohh the bookshelves in the grandma egg chair photo. dreamy! stealing!

dwellings and decor

You are too cute! What a fun post!


Great post Anne, I love a blushing egg chair. x


I love the egg chair in photoso but never in person!

Pat H

Anne, another adorable post! I enjoyed this so much--your writing is so clever. I just sat in a black egg chair this weekend in Manhattan--my first time and had to educate my husband on this creature. Thank you for this delightful adventure!

callie grayson

i so very much want NO need an egg chair!
great post!!


well plaaaaaaaayed...


what a great post on how versatile the egg chair can be! who knew you can practically place it in any setting and make it work!

Tobi Fairley

The Egg Chair has absolutely been my favorite since Design School! Arne Jacobson was a genius!I recently saw it in a magazine in leopard velvet and it was fantastic!!

Shell Sherree

Utterly charming, Anne! The egg chair is one of my lust-have chairs. One day...


this a gorgeous post, I'm besotted!

The Deco Detective

I love these posts, they're so whimsical! Do you know whether the egg chairs lay eggs when they have children?
Trudi =D


You are too funny. This post made me laugh out loud... beautiful chairs, though. Especially the blue I think.

wide open spaces

the egg chair has always been a bit 'too' modern for me but that top one had m eat hello. the worn leather takes some of the modern edge off for me. love it.

Miss B.

Anne ANOTHER brill post. This was done so well, I heart your blog so very much!


You're brilliant, Anne, brilliant!

Have the best weekend evah!

p.s.- did I happen to mention you're brilliant? ;0)


Anne, your commentary cracks me up! The Egg Chair is such a classic, and all of these spaces highlight it well.


Thank you for presenting diff pics of the same chair in such a creative format! I love showing people how fabric/color totally transforms a chair. I used to want the Egg until I sat in one and decided they are just for looks. But give me a Womb chair any day...

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