The City Sage: Book Review: 'Found Style' by Amy Butler

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February 10, 2009


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cupcakes and cashmere

that all-white bedroom made me gasp. i love what was done over the bed!


So very pretty. I've had Midwest Modern on my wishlist, but this one is new to me. I especially love that first image. And you are right, when it's done right, it's timeless, even classic!


the bedroom, the natural light, the funky dining room chairs!! great post.


For some reason, I thought Amy Butler's style would be a lot younger, bright, chaotic, new and shiny. I'm so happy to see that it's so much more grown-up, simple and they use a lot of vintage pieces. So wonderfully subtle yet lush. I'm putting that book on my list! :) Thanks so much for sharing.


that top photo is heaven.


I have the exact same taste in decor as Amy! SWEET!


so inspiring.
it's just lovely.
I love her style.

Rachel (Heart of Light)

Beautiful. I'm going to have to check out that book!


Beautiful! Absolutely lovely!


what a breathtaking collection of photos! Everything is so pretty and elegant yet I can't help but smile at the simply yellow chair in the second photo. How fun :)

la couturier

oh gosh these are all so beautiful!!

La C.


Yes, I love new design books. I'll have to check this gorgeous one out!

Michelle@ My wedding report

I love the 3rd to last picture with the dining room. Such beautiful pictures.


Oh my I so need this book. I love Amy Butlers fabric and have it throughout my house.

This book likes it's a must have.

dwellings and decor

How lovely! I really like that pink dress painting and the little mirrors above the bed. So beautiful!


I love the pictures, the photography is genius!
Thanks for sharing.

Jane Flanagan

Beautiful serene and light spaces! Thanks for sharing!!


I need a card catalog. The end.


Note to self: get this book immediately! Thanks for the tip.

P.S. I think your prom picture is too cute!


Thanks for the recommendation. I like these interiors, especially the dining table settings. xx


I've always thought that Amy Butler's 'look' was very colourful and retro - think '50s and '60s. Perhaps it is now, but certainly not six years ago. I've got to get me this book! I'm off to put it on my wishlist.

miss aimee

can I move in there please!!!


This is such a beautiful collection of photos-- all of the rooms are lovely! The bathroom looks dreamy, the outdoor dining space has such a perfect mix of industrial and natural elements, and you are very right, the last dining space would be such a sweet setting for a small and intimate party.


I'm going to have to find a copy of that book...I adore miss butler.

Jess LC

What great photos and rooms! I adore Amy Butler's studio space connected to her house (I stumbled upon images on her website about six months ago). The ability to go from Found Style's washed out and worn atmosphere to the vibrant and contrasting studio space is amazing!


I love all those tables and of course the claw foot bathtub... and absolute must in my mind for a great bathroom.

please sir

WOW - looks like an AMAZING book - thanks for sharing!


So pretty! I would love a card catalog and a pretty chandelier or two :)


Pretty pretty pretty!!!!
I love the bathroom - I saved the pic as a fave.

Oh, and 6 years ago!!! Good design should not look dated after 6 years!

Pretty Little World

Wow, such lovely images! I'm completely smitten with the entryway in the first photograph - it seems as though you could always be stress-free living in such a place!

Kristin @ Contented Me

Another book to add to the list! it looks wonderful.

dolce chic

These are all so gorgeous!!! I need some of your expertise :)


That's my dream house! Thanks for sharing the photos!

16gb m2 card

Hi Guy's,
Everything is so pretty and elegant yet I can't help but smile at the simply yellow chair in the second photo.

Bedroom Chandeliers

nice photos! even an outdoors chandelier! very nice :)

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Each furnishing in the rooms have nice details. The whole area looks pristine.

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