The City Sage: Absolutely Loving: Paulette Macaroons

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February 01, 2009


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Oooh. Macaro(o)ns are my favorite! I think a trip to the city is in my imminent future. Thanks for the tip!


I've never tasted one, but they look melt in the mouth...and almost too pretty to eat.


These look delicious. I wonder how expensive they are. I went to the Laduree shop in Paris, but they were so ridiculously expensive I couldn't justify it - I thought they were a rip-off. I love macarons though!


they look almost too delicious to eat! but i'm sure once i've tried one i'll be stuffing my face! ;)


Those look incredible, hello salted caramel?! And what beautifully designed packaging, a double whammy. Strangely enough, we have a tiny French bakery just down the street from our home run by a lively frenchman from Provence. I say strange, because I live in the suburbs of a large city, but nonetheless in the deep South. And I swear, his macarons are made by tiny-winged angels, they are THAT good! :0)


Confession time. I LOVE macroons. But never tasted..... love the idea, the look, the colours and concept, but who knows, to me they may just not do it for me! Too scared to every try them in case the illusion is destroyed! x


oh, those looks so good.


I would like these to show up on my step on Valentine's Day ... mmmm!

Jess LC

Oh gosh! Those look amazing. I can't decide which looks better- the food or the box.




were these a hit on sunday night? i have not dug into the ones i got yet, but i'm looking forward to munching on them with some hot tea.


Kristin @ Contented Me

is there a prettier cookie than a macaron? i think it's the blogger-world mvp cookie.


yum, they look so pretty and yummy. love the pastel colors :)


These are so pretty and yummy i bet


yum-o!!! I seriously just help finish off a box of macaroons my work was sent from Laduree and am craving the Cassis Macaroons something fierce! I am going straight to paulette when I visit LA in the spring....

callie grayson

oh thank you ... these are my favorite! now i can buy them for myself!!! without the jet lag!!

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Hi Guy's,
Those look amazing. I can't decide which looks better- the food or the box.

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