The City Sage: To Die for Recipe: Monster Cookies

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January 20, 2009


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The Deco Detective

Oh, yummy! I'm definitely the "can't choose" type, so these should be perfect! BF would love them, too.


these look so yummy, i have a weakness for cookies and M&Ms, i love the name too, "monster" cookie! ;)


Like manna from heaven!

I was just telling Sean that I needed a new cookie recipe to try - these look killer!

PS _ Your rave review of the the current/elliott boyfriend jean is not healping my fiscal responsibility resolutions.


totally trying these...everyone needs a little extra happy!


okay, i will try....

Miss Aimee

my kids would freak out for these cookies!


Monster-size is what my rear end will turn into if you keep tempting me with these incredible baked goodies. Good thing calories can not be gained by merely ogling the computer screen!


Totally mad at you!!! I'm trying to be good and cut back on sweets, but these cookies sound and look so yummy that I think I'm going to have to make them this weekend. I least they are part oatmeal and that's healthy. right?


Why, oh why do you do this to me? My sweet tooth is bad enough on its own...but with your help, it's out of control.
These look incredible! And as I have no self control, we will be trying these this weekend. :)


Me want cookies!


I love monster cookies :)




Ok I know that was harsh...but I am seriously going to chew my arm off. Or eat the dog...whichever is closest.


With all your baking wonders thus far it seems like if anyone is going to have a good, healthy ("healthy") cookie recipe to satisfy my life long quest, its going to be you. So, got anything for me?!


ok, yum. I'll have to try it out.


I'm salivating.


Isn't there a peanut butter recall going on right now? But other than worries of salmonella those sound great!

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Heidi Jo

Yuuuuum! Unfortunately I'm on a super strict diet right now since I have been sick since Thanksgiving, but if I am ever allowed to cheat again, I have to make these!

mrs. french

monster cookies!!!! Yay! some of my best childhood memories involve these yummies...xo t


Oh, yum! These look delicious- and completely perfect for me since I too often suffer from indecision... :)


I made these with my 7-yr-old yesterday, with two small alterations: we added a handful of raisins, as my 2-yr-old is a raisin monster, and I substituted molasses for the 1/4 tsp light corn syrup as I didn't want to purchase a whole bottle of something I didn't have on hand for that small amount.

These came out very well, a bit sweet for my tastes (I'd probably take about 1/2 c of sugar out of the mix next time) but my son is enthralled.

Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Awesome! I've never heard of this cookie. It's everything scrumptious without the annoying raisins. Thanks!

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