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January 23, 2009


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i can see why you were torn between the choices, what an amazing collection of beige rooms! wow, i have no solution for you i'm afraid anne although shopping's got to help! ;)


Bring in the vibrancy with accents-- like pillows, knick knacks, etc. Then, when you're over it, you can just switch it out. LOVE that first pic.


I totally agree with you. White, beige, taupe, whatever you want to call it has been on my mind as well.

I'm a fan of color so my house is filled with brown, green, blue and even black walls! But lately I've been itching to paint the town white!

Love all the pictures!

cupcakes and cashmere

all of these images are so tranquil and refreshing...but it's the mirror in the first one that has stolen my heart! have a wonderful weekend! xo


i love all these rooms, but colour is totally seasonal lol
i especially LOVE the dining room!


Thank you Anne for including me in your post! I know, it is so hard to choose between bright vibrant colors and more natural shades. I guess the answer is too constantly redecorate:)Have a fun weekend shopping spree! xx

robin pulsifer

wow, i hear you. it's so hard to pick, we almost need accessories in color that are easily changeable and can be moved whenever the modd strikes. i'm particularly drawn to the last picture with that ornate, winter white headboard, the birch wallpaper, oh my gosh, just dreamy. happy weekend! happy shopping spree however mini.

robin pulsifer

oops, i meant "whenever the mood srikes!" typo mistake!

Rebecca @ Harmony & Home

I hear you! I go back and forth myself between monotone decor and infusing fresh color into it. My solution? Neutral furnishings that I can subdue when I'm in the mood for monotone and that I can infuse with color when I'm feeling like my life needs a shot of vibrancy! Beautiful pics. Especially the 4th photo - gorgeous!


beige vs. color, it's a perpetual dilemma. i'm having a flashback to Big's (sex and the city) declaration that he was sick of beige (i.e. natasha) and favoring colorful carrie. how sad is it that i think about things in terms of these tv episodes?

anyway, i do like the dining table in top photo.


So pretty! However, I have to be realistic. I was thinking about recovering the dining room chairs in a beige nubby linen but then reality struck. Between LJ and Jack...there is no way. So I have to do some print. Hmmmm any thoughts? There is a big rusticy, wooden mirror at our local consignment store...would look cook propped up in the dining room.


I know, I saw that dining room pic and I fell in love. That last bedroom is pretty amazing as well.

dwellings and decor

I have always liked the look of neutral spaces but have never been able to manage it in my own spaces. I think there is something about the architecture that really makes it work.


That top room is just perfect.


I feel your pain. I'm having the exact same dilemma. I was bent on having a bright, exciting place. But now I keep seeing all these clean, soft spaces and I'm smitten with them. What's a girl to do?


Lovely to see even more of the subtle whites. The branches in pic 3 look great.
Have a great weekend you too!


I hope we have convinced you to come over to the beige side Anne! Colours come and go, but neutrals last forever. Sophisticated, timeless, beyond fashion.
Thanks for including me in your post!


Wow, these are great... love the dining table.

callie grayson

I know!
I love colour and plan on colour in my spaces then I see these fantastic images and I complete swooning on the lightness and freshness of them!!! I say we get two places one for colour the other for neutrals!!


Number 1, which I have saved in my files too, and number 3 are perfect, *sigh*, just perfect! Happy shopping, enjoy!


I feel ya...I may talk the talk when it comes to using color, but I don't usually end up walking the walk. What can I say, I really do love neutrals the best. The third photo is my fave, love forced branches as well.

And Gilt...oh my, I die a little inside each time I don't buy something, then check back later to see it all sold out. The prices are just ridiculous! Love it.


lovely blog!

i want that bedroom, really want it! might have to change it all up now....
great post!

vicki archer

These images are gorgeous and I for one never tire of the beige factor. The last image is dreamy, xv.


I got lots of pix uploading done, and I'm working on freelance. Plus I celebrated my hubby's birthday. Otherwise not too much, lol.

I keep saying it: I love neutral rooms! I don't know if they'll ever find their way into my home, but I am drawn to them for some reason...


I like Blair's response - "constantly redecorate"!!

It's hard to choose. There is so much great design out there - how do you narrow it down to what YOU want to live with??? This is the eternal question!

Kristin @ Contented Me

I love neutral interiors. I can't help it... and I don't understand at all when people say they're boring. to me, they are so perfect in their monotone layers.

4gb micro m2

Hi Guy's,
Colours come and go, but neutrals last forever. Sophisticated, timeless, beyond fashion.

dsi gaming accessories

Hi Guy's,
I may talk the talk when it comes to using color, but I don't usually end up walking the walk. What can I say, I really do love neutrals the best. The third photo is my fave, love forced branches as well.

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