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December 18, 2008


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i too, love poinsettias, even just using some of the flowers. i also got a teeny tiny tree, a european-stlye christmas tree, have you ever heard of these? it's the sweetest little thing ever, i'd never heard of one before... glad to hear you made it 'home' and now i'm sure it feels like the holidays for you! enjoy and i look forward to seeing more... x c


Someday when I have disposable income I will fill the house w/ garland and flowers...I love the boxwood (?) garland. Leafy instead of piney and it looks good for a long time.

i want to live in each one of these rooms. not only do they all look beautiful (i love the one with the miniature trees on the mantle), but i bet they smell wonderful!


These are so beautiful and inspiring - I think taking the essence of holiday ideas - a touch of red and green, for example - is a lovely thing.

And those paperwhites are making me contemplate an excursion to the nursery this afternoon!

please sir

OH so pretty - love these holiday examples. If only I can get my apartment to look that way...


grr.... was my last comment lost?? Typepad sent me to a site asking me to sign in....

Anyways, back to your post.... these pictures are so beautiful!!
I love the idea for the paperwhites - I hate when the get tall and flop over. And the poinsetta "trees" are cool too!

Great ideas and pretty pictures!

Oh, and I posted a pic of my coffee table!

Leigh Pennebaker

I'm LOVIN' the paperwhites. SO beautiful.


I'd love to try to shape some boxwood into trees.

dolce chic

Such beautiful trees...especially the one in the second photo!

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Toronto!


Beautiful images! We do decorate with fresh flowers...tulips, winterberries, ilex....


Great minds think alike, I'm just about to write a floral Christmas post. Love the images you used, the green mini trees are adorable and stylish!

Have a fabulous time in Toronto :)


I adore paperwhites and the light green wall and fireplace and greenery draped over it. Gorg.


all of them are so beautiful! the winterberry branches are so festive!


What a great idea for a post. Glad you are home safely and enjoying holiday decorating. I go home on Saturday to Chicago and cannot wait to do the same. I love paperwhites and what a splendid idea to put them in those large glass cylinders.


Great photos! My mom just brought home a gigantic poinsettia today. We'll usually decorate with 2 of them on the mantle then one on the dining room table. Such a festive flower for this time of year!


fresh flowers and foilage bring life in my home in the dead of winter. it's a weekly splurge for me.

Paloma of La Dolce Vita

These images are all so gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite. I love them all!


i adore that fireplace display in picture 3!

fresh flowers are a great idea! i have the lovliest floral shop down the street called MUM. i think i'll take a gander over there to see what they've got.

have fun decorating!

Miss Aimee

all beautiful! I have seen that upside down tea cup light before and just LOVE that! I want one in my girls room! So fun. Have a great time with your parents!!! Merry Christmas!


oh the bay leaf wreaths are my favorite!!


Anne, you always amaze me. I absolutely LOVE all those ideas. I especially adore planting tiny trees in teacups. So sweet.

And I always decorate with fresh flowers around the holidays. It's a must.


Those are all absolutely gorgeous. Nothing beats having fresh flowers in your decor! Paperwhites are so perfectly classic for the holidays, and I think poinsettia have gotten a bad wrap too- I actually really like a single poinsettia bloom in a vase.

These pictures are so elegant and inspiring. My fireplace mantle is adorned by silk poinsettias and a christmas reef in the ceneter. I think I'll make a trip to the flower shop to add some fresh flowers. Great Post!


seriously, coming here is forever inspirational anne!!!all so pretty...

mary jo

This is just the most insanely great round-up! Love that carnation tree. If I have the energy on Monday, maybe I will stop by the flower market and give this a try...will let you know if I do--thanks for the inspiration!


Love the redware & those 3 trees - simple & inviting! One day I will have enough money to buy more than the barest necessities.. until then, I'll live through & dream with wonderful posts like this!


you are making me need a mantle for decorating, bad.

Tobi Fairley

The room with the paperwhites is too die for! I am crazy about green and this sophistocated layering of color is so subtle yet so dramatic! Love, Love, Love it!! And the French Settee is fab too! Tobi

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