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December 14, 2008


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You know I've never considered myself a fan of gold...but these pictures might just change my mind. Fabulous finds!

juliette c.

Perfect! This is what I love of glitter and gold!

juliette c.

Perfect! This is what I love of glitter and gold!


This is why I love your blog!!


A glittery gold Christmas sounds fab! Gorgeous photos!

runway girl

bring on the sparkle!


oh boy ... I can't wait to see what comes down the pike this week.

in addition to waffles, i would like sparkly shoes filled with exquisitely wrapped tiny presents containing jewels!

that staircase is positively magical...i love all of these images!


wow, those photos are stunning! the one with all the ornaments scattered on the staircase is simply dreamy! i have been loving your posts the past few weeks, keep the shine and sparkle coming!

Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts

Oh Anne, I love these photos! I love the gold and silver combination! This year I chose these colors for decoration. I adore those ballerinas!

Miss Aimee

I am in love with your post today. It makes me all happy inside. Thanks! Have a beautiful Monday!


So pretty! Just yesterday my boys got crafty with some glitter and holiday cards. I forgot how fun glitter can be! Love the post, bring on the sparkly shoes. Glorious!


The staircase is such a pretty photograph. I love glitter and anything sparkly :)


I want to wake up on Christmas morning to find little presents stuffed in my shoes! Great post, as always.


Anne, this is the perfect glittery post for the week before Christmas. Thanks for the visual feast! xo

the sassy kathy

love these photos! how fun. i think my favorite is the staircase "dripping in jewels". hooray!


Oh ha! Great minds... :)

I heart these photos so entirely much. I simply want a staircase filled with a ridiculous amount of metallic ornaments (never mind that they look rather like an elegant version of "Home Alone" trap...)


These are such perfect holiday inspiration! I love those shots of the shoes with gifts in them. Which country has that tradition? I think Germany?



as dangerous as those stairs look with all the gold balls on them, how great would it be to wake up to that on Christmas morning?

Michelle @ My Wedding Report

Anne, I am in awe every time you post pictures. They all are breath taking. I'm loving the shoe and staircase pictures.

Also, in the "holiday spirit" I am starting a blog holiday recipe exchange. I would love it if you would share a recipe so I can write a post about your blog. And I know you have some amazing recipes!


I don't think I'd have the heart to take down these Christmas decorations all winter! Beautiful!


It's fun to see different sides of Christmas decorating and celebration! These pictures are so pretty - the staircase is gorgeous with all the glass ornaments!


I am totally fascinated by things that float over tables.


I usually shy away from most overly shiny/glittery things, but you somehow make it work. I love these pictures!

Jen@Green Wedding Shoes

Wow...beautiful. Love this!! Every single photo is stunning

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