The City Sage: A New Year's Meditation

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December 31, 2008


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Lovely sentiments. Happy New Year to you.

Martha B.

Good words to live by, Anne. Thank you. :)


Lovely pictures. And the feeling is just right - calm, contemplative, slow. I usually don't make resolutions, but I'm thinking I'll do something along these lines.

Paloma of La Dolce Vita

What a wonderful list! I love this. Wishing you all the best in 2009. XO


Anne-what an absolute perfect New Years post and definitley wonderful words of wisdom to live by. You are so right about resolutions, at least the typical ones, just make you feel bad about yourself and I have never been able to keep one. I especially like the idea of experiencing the world around you once a day by touch. I hope you have a wonderful new year! Happy (almost) 2009. Blair


So perfect and true!
Happy New Year!


Nothing to add, well said Anne. Wishing you a most wondrous New Year!- nkp

Miss Aimee

What a beautiful list you have! Loving it all and wish you a perfect 2009!
Happy NYE!


Great post. I'm writing something similar for tomorrow. I think it's a good thing (new years) because people are generally hopeful about things to come, whereas at this point in the year, things can be bleak, tired, and old, you know?

Happy new year! It's been great being blogging buddies with you :)


Love the images, love the words behind them. I couldn't agree more (especially with the s'mores on the beach)! Happy New Year!


Great post! I think you are on to something... Happy New Year!

mary jo

So perfect in every way...I love the reminder of the fresh flowers every day in some form. Another one to add to my mental "want to do" list. Thank you Anne, it's been so wonderful dropping by here this year!

robin pulsifer

here's a toast to all things above! glad to have met you even if only in blogland and i feel very lucky to have come accross your blog and all that you offer as a designer and as a person! :) have a safe night, but fun!!!!

please sir

Sounds amazing - Happy New Year!!

the sassy kathy

i could not have said it better! truly. what fabulous resolutions. i agree with each and every one, and will do my best to stick to them. thank you!

hope you have a fabulous time tonight, whatever you're doing, and an even better 2009!

Caroline - Patagonia Gifts

Oh, darling, I adore your new year's resolutions!
Hope all your dreams come true!
Happy, happy, happy New Year 2009, dearest Anne!


Fabulous post, my dear. I'm hoping to get one up by tonight, but I don't know if I'll have a chance.

Have a fantastic evening/night, and I'll "see" you in the new year!


beautiful post. happy new year!


What lovely words, very beautiful.

Sarah's Fab Day

Have a wonderful new year!

Leigh Pennebaker

What a beautiful post to wrap up a year of inspiringly beautiful posts! I'm so glad I found your blog this year -- it's a daily treat. Thank you for all your kind words and comments on my blog!
Best wishes for a magical and happy New Year. xoxo.


wonderful pics and such a lovely post!

Rebecca @ Harmony and Home

You have such a wonderful way with words and this post is no exception. Very profound and moving and makes one rethink how life should be! Happy New Year to you and your hubby! Looking forward to getting together with you in 2009!

mrs. french

quite possibly the prettiest and most insightful new year post I have seen..happy, happy, my dear...xo


this is one good post, Anne. you knocked it out of the ball park for this New Year's post!

i love your thoughts for change. you make change sound so easy and appealing. thanks for the inspiration and lovely images.

i sincerely wish you a happy and healthy 2009—and beyond!

big blog hugs.


jennifer lorton

Sweet post with beautiful pictures, thanks.


I agree, the new year should be about doing more than less! Have a wonderful new year! :)

Design Lovely

Great post! I definitely need to go to the beach more even when its kinda windy and cold. I am adding it to the list!

dolce chic

I love your resolutions and the photos! Too bad you're a couple hours away, you could have an endless supply of flowers all summer here :)


Good to see you picked an Aussie photographer's pics for your inspiring post!
You have such a gift for words Anne and what you say is so wise and true. I'd like to hang on to this post and re-read it periodically throughout the year to remind me to take pleasure in the little things. Happy New Year to you.


That's a gorgeous list. I think I might try the new rceipe once a week as well. :)

Happy New Year.

Tobi Fairley

Anne, I absolutely LOVE this post! Maybe my favorite you have ever done! It is so in line with my philosophy of life and you just inspired me to have an even better 2009 than I was already planning and expecting to have!! I am going right now to get out one of my pretty journals and a beautiful pen and start writing down all the amazing things I want to do in 2009!!! Thanks for planting the seed! Happy, happy new year! I am certain that it is going to be a GREAT year! Tobi


i love this post! these are lovely resolutions and a lovely philosophy on resolution-making. i hope you have a wonderful 2009 and i look forward to more sage advice!


Splendid! I'm totally with you on all these points for a 'more' 2009. Thank you for a lovely post. Happy New Year. Denise

Annie Empiric



happy new year anne. thank you for this, it's lovely & inspiring.


What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing it!


One of the best posts I've read in a while! What a great way to start the new year!! And such great images!!

love & abundance to you!!


How wonderful, thanks for the inspiration :)

Brooke Giannetti

Your images and thoughts for the New Year are divine.
May your 2009 include all of these things and more!



Hear hear! Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to much inspiration from your blog in 2009 - one o my all time favourite reads.

Kellie @ this blessed nest

oh, this post warmed my heart. your picture choices are just lovely! how i wish, i could run my toes through the sand in '09, too.
here's to making dreams come true in '09.
happy new years!


lovely, and i agree with you 100%.


Oh, these are fabulous. Happy new year to you.


Anne, you summed up my New Years sentiment to a tee! A little peace, rest and relaxation that lasts throughout the year would make the world a calmer place!


Anne, these are absolutely the most perfect kind of resolutions! Here's wishing you a 2009 that is filled with wonderful things in your life and many moments of s'mores on the beach!


Thank you for the thoughts and is just what I needed. Happy New Year.


a pretty pill

such a lovely post. true inspiration to live by. thanks for the optimism.


thanks again for the inspiration - hope you've been enjoying my attempt at an homage at apt34. PS - I'm dying for the recipe for the cookies in this post!


Thanks for this great advice. All this tips are really very good.

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