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October 29, 2008


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I am completely enamored with the first photo- wow, wow, wow. So gorgeous.

Mussy Wells

That's what I was thinking when I chose my...ahem...costume. The black lace boustier was SO in for fall ;)



i want this to be my Halloween costume.
an excuse to dress fashionably—and what most would consider a little too much for everyday.

not me.

okay—maybe not the mask every day.


Very mysterious and cool!


wow, these are great photos.


oh my goodness. i'm in love with these pictures. beautiful blog!


These are frightfully fantastic - I'm really loving your Halloween inspired posts!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! AND thank you for introducing me to CHEESECAKE POPS.


Well these pictures have got me in the mood for the Halloween Party I'm going to tomorrow night. I won't be dressed quite so stylishly though.
Thanks for visiting my blog - I was most chuffed. Loving yours.

Velvet and Linen

Your blog is fantastic!

Fiona Fletcher

The above images - from your blog section:
were taken by me Fiona Fletcher
this was a series of images Woodland Fairies,I had wanted to shoot for a long time, I wanted to use 80's vintage dresses I owned, so I chose the masks to correspond to each of the dresses. Then cast the models to also complement the character of each outfit. With all this in place my friend and props stylist Hannah Read-Baldrey created the most beautiful wings and set the scene with wonderful styling in the forest for me!
I was thrilled with all the wonderful comments from everyone reading this lovely blog.

Hannah Read-Baldrey

thanks for your lovely comments! I have just started a blog so come visit some more of my work!
Best wishes - Hannah

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