The City Sage: Wedding Flashback: Ring Bowl by Paloma's Nest

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September 26, 2008


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Hi! I just saw these little ring bowls on another blog this week and fell in love with them. I love the quote you chose, by the way. I am havig fun going through your archives...really, really nice blog!


why, yes, that is a lovely poem. what a neat gift!


These are beautiful, shame I don't know anyone getting married it would be a perfect gift.

The City Sage

Jora- thank you so much for the lovely complement. coming from you that means alot; domestic reflections is one of my fave daily reads!

georgia---i have such a soft spot for poetry. thanks for indulging me :)

Liz--thanks for stopping by! I'm sure if you search hard enough you can find an excuse to buy one of paloma's little bowls...maybe a well-deserved "yay it's the weekend" gift for yourself? :)

Thanks everyone for your comments---they are much appreciated!


What a wonderful concept. My husband and I just got married on August 2nd, so all of this wedding stuff is still fresh in my mind. I do love this for an anniversary gift, too!

The City Sage

Thanks for stopping by, Chris, and congrats on your recent nuptials! Are you still in total post-wedding planning withdrawal like I am?

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If it is due to the tough Norwegian friends do not open, I remember AA system.

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