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September 22, 2008


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Those flower pots are SOOO cute! Love them!

The City Sage

Aren't they adorable? And can you believe they were only $2 each? Ikea is the best for those sorts of little home decor finds!

My Sweet & Saucy

I am in love with these flowers...simply gorgeous!

The City Sage

Thanks Sweet & Saucy! The best thing about this project is that it looks so nice but requires so little labour to produce (not like those MTV movie premiere cookies I seem to recall you did a while back! i'm in the throes of a similar cookie project so I can totally feel your pain on that one!)

thanks for stopping by!


GORGEOUS! I'm going to do that at Christmas for my floral arrangement. Love your blog :)

The City Sage

Thanks Liz. One of my favourite things about this arrangement is how it feels so "alive" instead of just having cut stems---it will look AMAZING for the holidays. send pics if you end up making it!

And thanks for the love---I think your blog is pretty darn neat too :)


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Thanks Liz. One of my favourite things about this arrangement is how it feels so "alive" instead of just having cut stems---it will look AMAZING for the holidays. send pics if you end up making it!

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