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This is the bio you'll get if you ask me for something professional:
Anne Sage is a lifestyle writer, creative director, and social media consultant based in Los Angeles. Her daily interiors and fashion blog The City Sage was named a must-read by Martha Stewart Living, and she was featured in the New York Times for her co-founding of the online shelter publication Rue Magazine.

This is the bio you'll get if you meet me on the street:
Oh hey. Let's get pancakes. I like my syrup on the side so I can control the ratio of sweet to spongy. When I was eight years old I decided I was going to be an author and so I wrote a novel about puppies and kittens and dollhouses and sleepovers. Today I still tell stories no matter what vocabulary I'm using: words, images, interpretive dance. (Okay, not so much that last one.) I live in Los Angeles now but I've also lived in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Georgia, Nevada, even Boston for one crazy hot summer when I thought I wanted to be a landscape architect. Now back to those pancakes. Can we get bacon too, please and thank you?